Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Klaus Bohn Photo of Chairs

My client loved this image that was part of the back yard, where they entertained and loved to relax. They asked me if I could capture the feeling of this area that may represent there art of living. Being artist in there own right it was a challenge for me to produce something that excelled mere photographic imagery, but kept the feeling of there place.

The photography was the least challenging because of the years of practice in operating my cameras and learning about the light, manipulation of both. When I invited two photographers from each of the western provinces to my studio and hired an expert in Photoshop in 1998 his lectures and hands on approach, helped. We were encouraged to add in the name all the layers we used to make the image more painterly; but for me I have felt I needed to approach each image afresh so I have no easy way to fall back on and produce the same look over and over again. My lab printed the image on canvass, adding hand painting made the image unique and personal to the buyers to purchase one of a kind art piece from me.

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