Friday, February 29, 2008

Klaus Bohn-Snowbirds

Snowbirds a Canadian fly team of acrobatic flying! When I was asked to go up with them and photograph there fly formation it was a treat and also a challenge, to go through a little for- hand instructions. Putting on the gear was fun but when I was told this is the handle you pull if in emergency and the pilot tells you to pull you have only second to do so I thought to myself I probably will go down with the plane. The difficulty was to lift my camera to my face as we were whipping through space at a well number of G-force and to get the shot I was hope wanting desiring, wow. The photograph was one of my favourite even though I had a number of other images I really liked and were chosen by the team. This image is in my book "50 Principle of Composition in Photography". Hope to share how I created this image in future comments of why I became a photographer and still am a photographer, teacher of photography and author.
By Klaus Bohn

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Klaus Bohn-Photography

My purpose is to share my experience in professional photography and pass on my knowledge I have gleaned over 30 plus years.