Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sharing my consultation on portrait photography.


Wall Decor for Homes and Offices

A new way of enhancing wall decor in homes and offices to create a warm and positive feeling to the environment, we live in and work in. Like looking through a window the beauty of nature is stimulating to the senses. As we create our environment, photographs can add to this pleasure when nature is not available, choosing inspiration, beauty and comfort through art photographs of choice.

Our senses are so fine tuned by past experiences that we can imagine what we see with all our sense, seeing, feeling…My brand is “feeling more deeply about photography” For me it is all about the feeling I get when I enjoy and study a fine piece of art being moved by it’s beauty.

Wall decor has enchanted many cultures from the beginning of time. Wall paintings and drawings were part of their living for enjoyment and decor for coming generations. The saying that we become “what we think about”, perhaps is so true. We become influenced by what we see every day. Our environment plays a large part in our lives.


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consultation on how to help your clients relax and create a portrait that is an art piece.
All so look at the next youtub consultation #2. For more information go to my web or email me.