Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Klaus Bohn-Fear Factor

There are times when what we don't understand can stand in the way of learning more about ourselves and to capture that emotion in a photograph is; perhaps unrealistic but never the less an attempted that we should try, like a poetic expression from the heart! Capturing this images in an unreal way not only gave me a vision into the subconscious mind, but a dream of an interpretation of reality. The trees are barren and yet there exists life around them in a distance, with motion and strong dark colors with splashes of green but not on the trees in front, strong but spoke, feeling but not alive to reality, movement but dead.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Klaus Bohn-In Flight

Hummingbirds have a rare beauty that is spellbinding to watch and admire there speed and flexibility "breath taking". Check my web for more images.

"feeling more deeply about photography"

Monday, April 14, 2008

Klaus Bohn-"Let us go there"

To find...
To see...
To appreciate...

Hey Klaus,
I am so glad that Mike came home to see you--even if it is snowing. As far as pictures go, you can come up whenever the two of us find a convenient time. I just finished looking at our wedding album--and 8 years later I love her more than I could have ever thought possible. Richelle is a great woman,--and I want to thank you once again for capturing our special day on film. All of us have to hang around this side of heaven--I know there are going to be special days ahead of us. We just have to have eyes to see it--and a master photographer to turn our days into art.
A Poem:
For the master photographer all is lost,
No one can capture what seems like dross.
Only he could see the light,
When darkness surrounded all our lives.
With a flash and a touch of paint,
He made an image of wandering saints.
The saints may stumble, the saints may fall,
Only The Master catches all.
Chris Anderberg