Friday, March 28, 2008

Klaus Bohn-Books by the author of this blog


I am pleased to announce the publication of my second book “The Art Within Portrait Photography”.
Exploring the art and creativity that exists in portraiture allows us to create a greater awareness of ourselves and our surroundings.
This work lets us really see the emotions, feelings and art contained within these images.

This soft cover book may be purchased directly from me. For more information check my web site or call me at 1-250-881-7791.

My first book “50 Principles of Composition in Photography” has been widely accepted and is also available in print.

Klaus Bohn
"feeling more deeply about photography"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Klaus Bohn-Trees in Motion


Life is made up by motion and emotion! As we rush through our day-life we become involved with the speed of life and try to increase this ever changing experience of movement and feeling of our hearts deep desire. Progress is our perception of reality, what we feel and think and see before us…

There is the unknown and we perceive it with our imagination; fear-flight, like a blur of reality, perception. Then there are the known, our experience of the real; because we have see it, handled it, smelled it, tasted it, heard it. Exercised by our five senses the common denominator in our reality, we trust in.

Let us examine our emotion of fear, study the image as if you where running away with the forest in motion but in reality we are in motion with our bodies moving and our minds blurring reality because of fear-not real-or perceived.

Look to the top and it seems as if spirits or other world being are flying through the air above and keeping pace with us to win the race to the place of what is unknown to us. A semblance of reality because we know trees are real and they don’t move and yet there is this motion this emotion stirring up from within our figment of our minds the part that allows us to imagine, dream, dreams beyond reality or that which has not yet been discovered in our real world. Real because we can physically get involved with what we see natural not just with the mind but with our naked eyes-Hurry!

I have walked this path so many times over the years and yet I missed this excitement-fills my mind to dream other possibilities which have not been seen before by me. How much I miss how empty my life must be, because of what I am not aware of and consequently will never know.

To think the thoughts that would keep my imagination a flame; burning with anticipation, open to the unreal the sublime dimensions beyond the boring, unlearnt, how it has always been seen. No a revelation of the spirit world that lies (lays) beyond death to be experienced in this dimension…

OH! How, little we know and yet there is so much to be discovered here and now I feel like a little boy on a man’s errand. May we be given an increase to our burning desire to know to find out to go beyond and back…
By Klaus Bohn

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Klaus Bohn-Counter Pan

Counter pan

Most of us are familiar with the term panning-when we drag the shutter a bit and move the camera with the subject we want to stay in reality sharpness and blur everything else. Drag the shutter just means to slow down the shutters time for instant set it at ¼ of a second or slower and increase the blurriness of all that surrounds the subject you are trying to keep in focus.

Counter panning is the opposite, instead of fallowing the subject we move the camera in the opposite direction with a slow shutter speed perhaps 1/30 of a second or slower. The challenge is to keep both eyes open so we can see in this case the car coming from the left and going to the right, my camera was moving to the left from the right, I hand held the camera and held my breath; timing of coarse means everything, as you see the car coming you squeeze the button and keep the camera moving left past the car do not stop moving the camera after the shutter is pressed.

The image has a unique feeling in relationship to the movement of the car, it stretches and duplicates as you can see in the number 23 blurred and stretched. The wheels have been increase as if there where a number of wheels front and back. The soft blur give the car a feeling of tremendous speed, with just enough information in the car to see what it is and its purpose, to race.

A good friend of mine Greg told me that this is one of my best photographs I have ever made he should know, he is a very good photographer from Regina.

By Klaus Bohn

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Klaus Bohn-calving 2007-9-11

Hubbard glacier-Alaska for more info. visit:
The most exciting part of the Alaska Cruise was seeing the Hubbard Glacier. Beside me was a professional photographer, Klaus Bohn taking photographs of the calving.I was very interested in purchasing a photo of the calving and Klaus gave me his business card.Having purchased a Giclee photo of the calving, I am reminded of this phenonomin and also of the excellence of Klaus's photography as he has captured nature at it's pinnacle. The photography is awesome and the only thing missing is the sound of those huge pieces of ice as they crashed into the ocean.Thank you, Klaus for your years of expertise and your stunning photography.
Sincerely,Barbara Mohamed.
March 27, 2008 2:18 PM