Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Klaus Bohn-Counter Pan

Counter pan

Most of us are familiar with the term panning-when we drag the shutter a bit and move the camera with the subject we want to stay in reality sharpness and blur everything else. Drag the shutter just means to slow down the shutters time for instant set it at ¼ of a second or slower and increase the blurriness of all that surrounds the subject you are trying to keep in focus.

Counter panning is the opposite, instead of fallowing the subject we move the camera in the opposite direction with a slow shutter speed perhaps 1/30 of a second or slower. The challenge is to keep both eyes open so we can see in this case the car coming from the left and going to the right, my camera was moving to the left from the right, I hand held the camera and held my breath; timing of coarse means everything, as you see the car coming you squeeze the button and keep the camera moving left past the car do not stop moving the camera after the shutter is pressed.

The image has a unique feeling in relationship to the movement of the car, it stretches and duplicates as you can see in the number 23 blurred and stretched. The wheels have been increase as if there where a number of wheels front and back. The soft blur give the car a feeling of tremendous speed, with just enough information in the car to see what it is and its purpose, to race.

A good friend of mine Greg told me that this is one of my best photographs I have ever made he should know, he is a very good photographer from Regina.

By Klaus Bohn


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