Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Klaus Bohn-Entwined

Hey Klaus,
I am so glad that Mike came home to see you--even if it is snowing. As far as pictures go, you can come up whenever the two of us find a convenient time. I just finished looking at our wedding album--and 8 years later I love her more than I could have ever thought possible. Richelle is a great woman,--and I want to thank you once again for capturing our special day on film. All of us have to hang around this side of heaven--I know there are going to be special days ahead of us. We just have to have eyes to see it--and a master photographer to turn our days into art.
A Poem:
For the master photographer all is lost,
No one can capture what seems like dross.
Only he could see the light,
When darkness surrounded all our lives.
With a flash and a touch of paint,
He made an image of wandering saints.
The saints may stumble, the saints may fall,
Only The Master catches all.
Chris Anderberg

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